Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3rd Ride

Took a nice, long easy ride with my mom today. Can we call this a recovery day? Also, I reset my bike computer, so my odometer will be starting from zero today.

Time 00:43'40
Distance 7.6 miles
Avg. Speed 10.3 mph
Max. Speed 26.3 mph
Odometer 7.6 miles

Weekly Total Mileage 20.55 miles

Monday, May 28, 2007

2nd Ride

My sister and her friend tagged along today. I took it easy the first half, dropped them off at the gym, and then pushed it a little bit. I broke a sweat before I ended my ride, which is better than yesterday. I had an egg for breakfast and 8(!) pieces of toast. A bit much, but I think I was recovering from a mini-hangover. Went to Wild West last night to show my sister and her friends a Texan night out.

Time 00:34'41
Distance 7.45 miles
Avg. Speed 12.9 mph
Max. Speed 22.0 mph
Odometer 14 miles

Weekly Total Mileage 13.95 miles

Map My Ride

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Evening Coast

Can this be called a ride? Went around the block with my parents. My dad didn't seem to mind that I splurged on a new bike. He did walk by it about 18 times without seeing it today, though. When I brought it out of the garage he said "what the heck is that?!?"

Time 00:23'09
Distance 2.96 miles
Avg. Speed 7.7 mph
Max. Speed 13.3 mph
Odometer 6.5 miles

I suppose since it's Sunday, and I got my bike today, I'll start my weeks on Sunday.

Weekly Total Mileage: 6.5 miles


We're having my mom's famous chicken cutlets. I'm going to try to keep myself to just one serving of each. Also, I had four chips ahoy earlier. Bad.


So I told my mom that I bought the bike, and she thought I was crazy. Oh well. Now I guess I have to lose the 40 pounds I want to lose to justify it. Nothing like jumping in the deep end!

1st Ride

Time 00:13'40
Distance 3.40 miles
Avg. Speed 14.9 mph
Max. Speed 19.9 mph
Odometer 3.5 miles

I didn't get as far as I wanted to go, but I'm going to blame that on two things: the looming thunderheads, and the fact that I went the wrong way out of our neighborhood, then turned around, and then I had no idea how far I would have to go in order to make it 5 miles. I'm tasting the hot dogs I had for lunch, which makes me want to put my diet on here as much as possible as well. So here's what I can remember from today: A waffle with too much syrup and some Landolakes on it, a pint of OJ, three hot dogs on 1 point buns, about 3 ww lemon cakes and a ww fudge bar. I broke my dairy fast again, but I'm doing ok with that today.

My goal is going to be to go further than the day before, and to get out there every day. Pretty modest, I think.



Initial Investment: $1,169.08. I tend to think that spending money on losing weight will actually make me lose weight. Or that by making a monetary investment, I'm forcing myself to lose weight using my new investment. This is the latest chapter of this cycle. I bought a Trek 1500 Road Bicycle... I saw them in the store a few weeks ago, when I was getting our family's mountain bikes cleaned up and tuned up. I thought, "If I buy one of those, and then ride every day, I will definitely lose weight." I'd done snpinning in the past, but found it boring. Hopefully moving through time and space will make a bit of a difference. I got an odometer, too, so I will know how far I go. I'm going to get changed and try to do 5 miles right now on my new ride. Wish me luck.