Sunday, May 27, 2007


Initial Investment: $1,169.08. I tend to think that spending money on losing weight will actually make me lose weight. Or that by making a monetary investment, I'm forcing myself to lose weight using my new investment. This is the latest chapter of this cycle. I bought a Trek 1500 Road Bicycle... I saw them in the store a few weeks ago, when I was getting our family's mountain bikes cleaned up and tuned up. I thought, "If I buy one of those, and then ride every day, I will definitely lose weight." I'd done snpinning in the past, but found it boring. Hopefully moving through time and space will make a bit of a difference. I got an odometer, too, so I will know how far I go. I'm going to get changed and try to do 5 miles right now on my new ride. Wish me luck.

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